Dear All Fans of Thailand,

The Siam-Ja web blog is all about travelling in Thailand, and hopefully, will later expand to cover ASEAN region travel. This web blog is intended to keep you updated of the latest travel trends, travel industry movement and up-to-dated hotel and tourism news taking into account the information that will be useful for modern travelers as well as news that will benefit industry insiders as a whole.

For professional PR in travel, tourism and hotel industry who would like to share your news, updates, movement, kindly send us email to jaroomail@gmail.com

We do provide review of hotels, airlines, and tourism-related services, please feel free to contact us if you would like to write a review of your travel products or services.

As the web is being developed solely by Thais, please do apologize if the language is not as smooth as you read from those firmly-established travel websites as we humbly start this web blog from scratch and do it with love and passion. If there are any mistakes that might happen and you would like to help us improve the content, please kindly share your thoughts or comments to our jaroomail@gmail.com . We welcome any opinion and would try to develop to suit your need as much as possible.

You can also post your opinion in our comments on each post. We would like to be a place where travelers meet, discuss and share their travel stories and experience together.

Finally, we hope to be a part that help promote our beloved country – Thailand and beyond to the fellow travelers from all over the world.

Good Luck to all readers.
Have a great day !!

Lady Gina na Siam
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