Tips for getting the most out of your travel

Tips for getting the most out of your travel

1) Plan your trips just 70-80% and let your common sense and instincts work the rest for you.

Nothing is perfect even if always wants to make sure of everything before you travel. Remember that some fun things are waiting and most of the time it simply occurs as a coincidence out of the plan and those coincidences sometimes can make your holidays much more fun and exciting.

2) For historical site tours, sometimes hiring a guide would be better than self-made tour.

Listening to history from tour guide helps widen and waken your imagination. Some professional guide with great elaboration skills would lure you back to the history of the place as if you really were in those old days.

3) Some experience comes with a price.

Sometimes money can buy happiness and special experience. Don’t be too stingy on everything but don’t spend too much money on silly things either.

4) A more luxury accommodation sometimes is a good reward for your journey.

If you are on a long budget journey, you might dream of some cozy places to rest and relax, do allocate some of your travel budget for a little more luxury experience such as ones that get yourself pampered and feel very special. Try and you will thank yourself for it.

5) Talk to locals. 

When you travel, you are sure to meet the good and bad people along the way. Learn to trust others but practice your judgment on strangers too. If someone approaches you and try to woo you to a very, very cheap shop that offers super undeniably deal, just deny it.  They definitely are sort of scammers. Use your tactics to get away from those people. Be smart but don’t be rude.

6) Do as the locals do: 

Eat their food, try local transportation, go to local places that are off the beaten tourist’ tracks and experience something very locals. For example, experience home stay type of accommodation gives you a more local experience, but you have to carefully choose ones with proper management and have the right attitudes in accommodating guests.  Muay Thai and Thai traditional massage are also something you should not miss when you are in Thailand.

7) Less chat online, more talks with real people. 

When you are out there to travel, it is smarter that you forget your online world and explore the real world outside. You’ll find it is a lot more fun out there to experience things by yourself than learn from others on the chat room or on the internet. Less Google, better be a guru !!

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