Owen's fan nearly died

An Owen’s female fan almost fainted amidst the crowd and behind the male audiences’ asses while attempting to climb up the stairways to witness the historical soccer match – - Liverpool & Thailand at Rajamangla Stadium, on Thursday 19, 2001. 
“Help! Help! I can’t breathe. ..so tired,” she bemoaned and suddenly sat down wearily in a narrow path where crowded soccer fans standing around. One of her two friends, who accompanied her to the event, offered her a handy paper fan and a bottle of traditional Thai balm Pim Sen Nam to relieve her. 

The woman, who asked not to be named, was the lunatic fan of English star soccer – - Michael Owen. She was offered free tickets for the event and on the day she was joined with another two enthusiastic friends who gleefully accepted the freebies. 
Despite having free 500-baht-worth tickets in hands, but the three ladies (who thought that they were so beautiful) were too late for the match. The second round had already started when they arrived at the stadium. However, the entry gate for their tickets were so far that they had to run, run and run to reach for the stars. Unfortunately, they were merely one minute too late before the gate was opened for free entry. The three beautiful ladies were startled as about
thousands of the football fans run for their lives and rushed to the gate which was narrowly opened. The three were pushed and pulled by the waves of crowds yet finally emerged for fresh air, just to discovered that no seats left available. Disappointed though they were, they wouldn’t let go easily. “We must win!” they declared to themselves.
“Let’s get to upstairs. There’s some place over there,” the plumpest of three said pointing her fat finger to the top of the stand. The other two looked up and energetically agreed. They rushed and run, walked and climbed… up, up and away. They seemed to be ok, but they were not. 

It was about a mile away from the football field and, for them, the players looked just like a team of ants chasing after food. The woman who declared herself as a fan of Owen couldn’t even see the Goldenboy.
Worse than that, the game was so boring that they felt like walking out of the field. The three women just couldn’t wait until the game finished. “Let’s get outta here,” they said and left the stadium, feeling much better than when they thrived to get in. The fainted lady said she felt the air outside was refreshingly cool than watching the game.
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